Did Your Elderly Parent Just Become A Widow And You Worry About Safety? What To Do

If one of your parents has died, leaving the other home alone and without help, there are some things you'll want to do to ensure that your parents are safe. It can be hard to make sure that they're safe all the time if you can't be around often, but you can make their home more secure. If you worry that your parent may become a target for a robbery or intrusion because of their age and being alone, there are some things you can do to prevent this from happening, and so you can feel at ease about their safety.

New Doors and Locks

One of the most common ways that burglars force entry into a home is through the front door, so replacing the doors and locks can prevent this from happening. Replace hollow and outdated doors with metal options that have a solid steel kick plate in the middle, and deadbolt locking options. Avoid doors with windows near the handles or with any glass if possible.

Alarm System and Handheld Activation Device   

Have a home security system that alarms you and the authorities if there is an unauthorized entrance, or if the doors are opened while the system is activated. This system should help to alert your parent if there is something going on, and they should have a handheld device they can keep by their bed or with them to alert the authorities if something happens. The alarm systems should also have fire alarms and gas leak monitors.

Outdoor Motion Lighting

If your parent isn't seeing or hearing as well as they once could, they installing outdoor motion lighting can be helpful. It will draw the attention of someone around the property, and it can scare off someone who is trying to look in the windows or look around the house. If the motion lighting shines light on the security system signs, hopefully it's enough to keep the burglars away.

If your parent is now alone and you wonder how they're going to watch out for themselves or stay safe, these are a few of the things you'll want to consider doing for them. The security system is like having direct access to the authorities if there is an emergency, and if you have the system hooked up to your own smartphone or tablet, you can monitor what's going on in your parent's home at the same time.